World And Non World Music

Sycondrian Re-Entry

This is the opening track from the Sycondrian Worlds project. This track represents the return of the Sycondrian star ship to Sycondria with approach re-entry and landing sequences.

Viento de los Candeas

High in the hilly and mountainous regions of Sycondria live a race of Sycondrian Tribesmen who play electronic instruments similar to the panpipes. This song was learnt by the Sycondrian Tribesmen on one of their numerous voyages to another Solar System containing a small densly inhabited planet called earth.

El Cóndor Pasa was written by Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles in 1913 and popularised by Simon and Garfunkel in their Bridge Over Troubles Water album. The song is based on traditional Andean folk tunes. This recording consists of four parts. A brief two part introduction firstly on piano and followed by a short choral theme. The second part is the main theme of the song featuring the Electronic Panpipes. The third part is a free theme sung by the Sycondrian Male Choir in the Sycondrian language and accompanied by Pan pipes, the last part of the song is an up tempo electronic version.